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Parent Resources

Please review Pierson Elementary School’s  Parent and Family Involvement Plan (PFEP) and School Improvement Plan (SIP).  We always encourage input and feedback!  Please contact Mrs. Hutcherson or Dr. Deane for more information.

Bus Transportation

ALL Pierson Elementary students are eligible for school bus ridership. Stops within the same route may be changed for emergency reasons if pre-approved by the principal.

Dear Parents:

Some teachers in our school are participating in a research study conducted by Florida State University to better understand how a professional learning program for teachers called Cognitively Guided Instruction impacts mathematics teaching and learning. You have the right to have your child’s information withheld from the study if you do not wish to participate. Please review the parental notification letter here for more information about the study.  Your support of research on mathematics instruction and professional development is greatly appreciated.

Title I: 

Please contact Dr. Deane for information.

Testing Tips for Parents

  1. Don't be too anxious about your child's test scores.
  2. Do encourage your child.
  3. Do praise your child for the things s/he does well.
  4. Do make sure your child attends school regularly.
  5. Do make sure your child gets 8-10 hours of sleep a night.
  6. Don't judge your child because of one test score.
  7. Do read with your child as often as possible.

Additional Resources